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Concept Trailer of Secrets of the Warrior

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Secrets of the Warrior

Movie adaptation of the book Acceptance: The Beginning.

In a world of secrets and ancient powers, a resilient young woman with a hidden warrior past must discover her mystical gifts to escape a relentless enemy, triggering an age-old conflict.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey as award-winning author Rebecca Heidt and visionary producer of the #2 Netflix USA hit ‘Legacy of Lies’ Sir Marco Robinson, bring you an electrifying adaptation of the gripping novel –’Secrets of the Warrior’. In 2003, in Seattle, the tranquil life of the ruling nymph family—Lucas, Rose, and their daughter Selena—is shattered by a betrayal from their friend Kieran. Lucas and Rose sacrifice themselves, allowing Selena and her guardian Liam to escape. Fast forward to 2024, Selena, now an adult, conceals her mystical heritage and trains as a covert warrior under Liam's guardianship. Despite her efforts, Selena's courage attracts attention, particularly from Dima and Ryder, an enforcer working for Kieran. As Selena navigates a world of danger and secrets, she forms bonds with a female named Skylar falling in love, while facing threats from all sides. She must decide whether to embrace unlocking her heritage or pursue a normal life. Set in Seattle, the story blurs the lines between myth and reality as Selena confronts her fears and seeks her place in history. A family betrayal and her being hunted fighting for her life. 
Secrets of the Warrior– a tale of mystery, strength, and the journey to self-discovery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Secrets of the Warrior
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