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Rebecca Heidt, Author

Story of Rebecca Heidt

Who Is Rebecca Heidt?

Rebecca Heidt has experienced many different paths in life. She worked in the food industry in management and finances as an account executive, but the arts was always her home. Her passion lies in writing, painting, anthropology, history, spirtuality and nature. 

She's completed self published works "Acceptance: The Beginning" and "Acceptance:The Reality". Rebecca continues pushing the literary boundaries with the third book "Acceptance: Reborn".
Her new project is working on a feature film involving a rendition of her first book "The Beginning". The feature film will be called "Secrets of The Warrior". Rebecca has the honor of working with Sir Marco Robinson (Producer of the #2 Netfilx USA hit 'Legacy of Lies'), Undisputed Films, and Hexagon Films create the film. 
Rebecca has been feature in the Jan/Feb 2024 LDL Magazine. She's highlighted for Neurodivergent Wisdom: Impactful Advice for Aspiring Writers.

Rebecca has been asked to be a speaker on podcasts on topics of motivation, mental health, and the process of writing. She has talked on Survivor to Thriver, These Feelings Podcast, Write for Your Mental Health, Motivational Monday, The Voice of Many, Speak LOUD, and many more. Due to her mindset, motivation, and advocacy Rebecca was honored with the 9th ranking in Iconic 100 Impact Igniters World Wide for 2023.


The Bookfest 2022 Fall "The Beginning" : 2nd in Contemorary Fantasy, 3rd in Woman's Fantasy 


The Bookfest 2023 Spring Awards "The Reality":  2nd in Contemorary Fantasy, 3rd in Woman's Fantasy, 3rd in LGBTQ+ Fantasy

American Bookfest "The Beginning": Award Finalist in Urban Fiction

Iconic 100 2023: Impact Ignitors World Wide, ranked 9th.


The Bookfest 2024 Spring Awards "Reborn": 2nd place for Contemporary- Fantasy Fiction, Romance- Fantasy Fiction, Women's Fantasy

"Through pain there comes magic" - The Magicians 

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