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Collaborators: Welcome

Hexagon Films/ Executive Producer

Hexagon Films Ltd is a boutique film and commercial production and services company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We focus on helping organizations and productions looking to film in Bulgaria and the Balkans. With a skilled an diverse team comprising directors, photographers, DPs, producers and more, with experience in working for renowned brands like Adidas, Gucci, TikTok, Old Spice, the BBC and more.

Some of our projects from last year include the Young Arrows' nominated for best student commercial NHS - The Shape of Water, the Young Arrows' nominated Best Music Video of the Year for Sigala x MNEK - Radio, a marketing video for Pernod Ricard and more.

As well as commercials and music videos, we produce film as well with our latest shorts 'False Start' and 'Red Market' currently in their festival circuit winning Best Short, Best Romance, Best Comedy in prominent festivals in Rome, London, Ottawa and Budapest.

Jenilyn N Rodriguez.jpg

JenX Productions/ Executive Producer

Jenilyn N. Rodriguez was born in Germany, and raised near the Canadian border in upstate New York. Jenilyn's parents are talented performers who did regional and touring shows out of New York City, so the world of entertainment is in her blood. She got started in kindergarten, performing and doing plays. Over the years she did theater and commercials and anything else she could, until she graduated college with honors and a bachelor of fine arts degree (music & theater) - and moved promptly to New York City. She worked as an actress doing mostly film and television until she was cast as a lead in a live stage comedy show for women. During the run of that show she became one of the comedy writers as well, and she trained at UCB and Gotham. One day an industry friend asked if they could hire her to help out with a tv show segment. On the second day she was promoted to co-producer. Soon after that she started writing films and tv series, producing and directing. Jen X Productions, LLC was started in 2013, and in just over 10 years Jenilyn has produced over 30 projects. She has won numerous awards and recorded a studio album with her sister and their rock band.

She is obsessed with magic and epic journey stories so this project is so aligned - it's honestly a dream come true


Sir Marco Robinson/ Executive Producer/ Role of Liam

Sir Marco Robinson is the co-creator & co-producer & star of the top #2 Netflix USA Movie “LEGACY OF 
LIES”, which debuted at #2 on Netflix USA. He is also the creator of the Prime time TV show “GET A 
HOUSE FOR FREE” on Channel 4 in the UK, super successful show where Marco gave 3 houses away on 
TV to address the diabolical social housing issue in the UK and the world... He is also a number 1 
Bestselling Author of two books, “CLOSE THE DEAL & SUDDENLY GROW RICH” & “THE FINANCIAL 
Executive Producer, Writer & Director 
He has won Entrepreneur of the Year Twice and is a Knighted philanthropist; Marco Robinson was given the honorary title of Dato’ Seri 
(knighthood) for his work with charity particularly in helping the blind, 350,000 in all, in Malaysia be allowed guide dogs into public places. This 
initiative started with the successful short documentary “ARE YOU BLIND” attracting over 15 million viewers on Facebook and Youtube. He 
currently has over 180 films in development and 40+ in distribution.


Michael Stringer/ Musician

Michael Stringer is a young upcoming composer (born and raised in the UK, Michael is Greek on his mother's side and has Italian heritage on his father's side) with a growing and diverse portfolio of orchestral and electronic works. This includes music written for film, theatre and TV.

Michael's professional debut (2023) was scoring the music for the short film 'Vanity' (Written and Directed by Betka Bulikova) which has already received multiple honourable mentions at major film festivals in 2024.

Michael is always prepared to expand his horizons to new styles, particularly when working to a brief. Michael draws from his musical theatre training (Guildford School of Acting junior conservatoire, Phoenix Youth Productions) and his music education (piano, bass trombone). Michael continues to receive mentorship from some of the music industry's leading composers. All of these factors are what makes Michael a versatile and in-demand composer.


Morgan Clae/ Musician

 Morgan Clae is a recording artist and music producer based in Los Angeles. While only four years into music producing, her work has been featured on Spotify editorial playlists and she has coined the term “cinematic pop” as her genre. Her work has been the subject of numerous viral trends and has garnered a large audience over the past few years. Every project Morgan takes on aims to create music that reaches each audience member on a personal and intimate level.

brittani logo promo.png

Brittani Starr- Zarlequan/ BHS DP

Meet Brittani Starr: Multi-Talented Creative Maven and Founder of Zarlequan
Step into the dynamic world of creativity with Brittani Starr, a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. As the visionary founder of Zarlequan, Brittani is on a mission to uplift and empower independent authors and creators from every corner of the globe. With a passion for fostering talent and amplifying diverse voices, Zarlequan has become a thriving hub where artists, writers, and visionaries unite to share their stories and inspire the world.
A Renaissance Creative: But Brittani's talents don't stop there. With a flair for the dramatic, she seamlessly transitions from behind the scenes to center stage, effortlessly weaving her magic as a video editor, actor, producer,voice actor,  music artist, director of music videos and short films, and creative content consultant. Her creative genius knows no bounds, as she breathes life into every project she touches, infusing them with passion, authenticity, and boundless imagination.
Join the Creative Revolution: Whether she's shaping the future of storytelling through Zarlequan or crafting mesmerizing visuals and performances on screen, Brittani Starr invites you to join her on this exhilarating journey of creativity, collaboration, and transformation. With Brittani at the helm, the possibilities are endless, and the adventure is just beginning.


Radostin Radev/ Role of Ryder

British- Bulgarian actor and producer of Middle-Eastern descent. He recently finished working on a role in the New-Zealand feature film called "After Impact". Some of his past credits include Doktor Kamenov in the short "The Red Market", the lead role of Brandon in the play "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" at the Bridge House Theatre, Jeremy in "Party's Over" at the Chiswick Playhouse.

As well as acting, he does stunts in film with his latest project "Murder Company" coming out this year. His hobbies include BJJ, horse riding; conditioning, functional and strength training; rock and boulder climbing.

Additionally, he has narrated 20+ books on Audible UK and USA and has been a video presenter and spokesperson for the popular 'Be Inspired' Channel on YouTube with a following of over 8,9 million subscribers; he's worked on commercials for brands like Kaufland, Domino's, , Wondershare and more, with a total of over 1000 social videos under his belt.


Loud Kult/ Musician

Welcome to LoudKult, where our passion for music drives everything we do. As a collective of artists and music enthusiasts, we're not just a label; we're a community dedicated to fostering talent and amplifying voices.

At LoudKult, we understand the dedication and creativity that goes into every song. That's why we're committed to giving your music the attention it deserves. With one of the world's largest networks of Spotify playlists, we ensure your tracks reach the right audience and continue to expand our reach.

What sets us apart is our artist-friendly approach. Founded on the principle of "By Artists For Artists," we prioritize your vision and project's needs. Say goodbye to lengthy, restrictive contracts – we tailor agreements to fit you and your music, empowering you to maintain creative control.

Navigating the music industry can be daunting, which is why we prioritize transparency and support. We're here to share our experiences and knowledge, helping you navigate the industry and grow as an artist. Our goal is simple: to elevate your career and provide a nurturing environment where you can connect and collaborate with fellow creatives.

Song Permission for "Secrets" by Besomage


Hadas Brown/ Role of Melanie

Playing Melanie: Hadas is an Actress and Emmy Award-winning Journalist, currently based in New York City. Hadas is best known for her starring role as "Lily's Mom" in the viral Duolingo series, "Living with Lily," which amassed over 32 million views across YouTube and TikTok.
Hadas began her professional acting journey in 2021, training at Atlantic Theater Company. In the years since, her work has spanned stage and screen, including a number of short films and commercials, and plays at the Chain Theatre and American Theatre of Actors.
Before starting her work as an actress, Hadas was a News Reporter and Anchor in the Southeast, with stories often airing nationally. In Mississippi and then Florida, she covered the widest variety of stories imaginable, from breaking crime stories, to severe weather, political scandals, and the occasional new attraction at Walt Disney World.
Hadas is represented by Dream Maker Talent Management.

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Saint Chaos/ Musician 

Saint Chaos is a prospective collaborator

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Irene Lay/ Role of Skylar

Irene Lay is an electrifying force in the entertainment industry, seamlessly weaving her talents across multiple artistic realms. Hailing from Italy, she's an actress, voice-over virtuoso, and musician, whose journey began with the strings of the harp at the tender age of 7. Graduating from the prestigious Conservatory of Music in 2012, Irene's musical prowess led her to grace stages with orchestras and captivate audiences as a soloist.

Her artistic evolution didn't stop there. Venturing into the world of acting, Irene honed her craft at esteemed institutions across Italy, mastering the nuances of performance and voice acting at the renowned "Accademia del Doppiaggio." Continuously pushing her boundaries, she seeks further growth under the mentorship of Michael Margotta and Paolo Antonio Simioni.

Since 2014, Irene's grace theaters, screens, and airwaves across Italy. Ranging from theatrical productions to captivating films and commercials, Irene's presence commands attention. As a voice talent, her reach extends globally, lending her voice to films and cartoons, enriching narratives for audiences worldwide.

Recognition for her exceptional talent came with Irene winning the Best Starring Actress prize at the prestigious Momòhill Film Fair in Switzerland for her mesmerizing portrayal in the short film "Gloria."

Undeterred, Irene continues to push boundaries, currently immersing herself in two independent Italian feature films, where her talent shines as a co-lead.

Beyond the spotlight, Irene's passions are as diverse as her ability to capture roles. From mastering martial art to graceful horse-riding, Irene's pursuits display her boundless creativity. A skilled painter and prolific writer, Irene Lay is not just an artist; she's a force of nature and passion, captivating hearts and minds wherever her journey takes her.

Irene Lay photo.jpg

Oliver Burbage/ Role of Joe

Oliver Burbage aka "GoGetterO" born and raised in South Philadelphia is an Actor, Film Maker and Music Artist catching some Buzz in the industry with both his Acting Career and Music. GoGetterO had won awards in both Acting and Music as he has a long resume of acting in films most notably "Creed 1&2 starring Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone where he played the role of a featured boxer. Oliver had many credits listed on his IMDB page for the films he was involved in. GoGetterO's music inspiration came from his uncle "IZM" who was sign years back with "Trick Daddy's" group "Slip N Slide" Records featuring Rap Star "Trina". GoGetterO has had a long career in sports such as Basketball and Boxing before turning to Acting and Music. 
GoGetterO's music sound has been compared to Industry Artist such as "Nipsey Hussle", "MeekMill", "Jcole" and similar sounds to "Drake" the Hit Man himself. 
GoGetterO started his music career by writing a Movie called "Da-P" based on a up and coming South Philly rapper who faces adversity throughout South Philadelphia while trying to pursue his music career in hopes of making it independently as a rap artist and overcoming the mean streets of South Philly.  GoGetter's music in real life has caught the ears of music fans and big time Curators in the music industry. Oliver Burbage aka "GoGetterO" is a Jack of All Trades and you never know what he's going to do next.

Oliver Burbage.jpg

Gabrielle Archambault/Role of Rose

Gabrielle Archambault is a SAG-AFTRA, classically trained actress and singer, showcases her strength in characters with a lot of fight in them, and a vulnerability that endears her to audiences. She received her undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Theatre, before continuing on to programs at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and Stella Adler in New York City. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions, operas, films and a tv series. This August, her favorite feature film role to date, as Patricia in No Tears in Hell, opposite Luke Baines, will be released to audiences. Since filming that role in 2021, she has worked with the same writer/director Michael Caissie, on Second Chances, in a two season recurring role opposite AnnaLynne McCord. The role of Letty in Second Chances required depth, humor, and the ability to execute multiple fight sequences. In 2021, she also took a trip to Scotland to present a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with WithoutX Productions where she got to portray real life actress Yvonne Romain. Currently, she is rehearsing for the lead role in a production of Lindsey Ferrentino’s Ugly Lies the Bone for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. As a writer she has written multiple feature films and a television pilot currently in the pitch process. In her spare time she studies Muay Thai and is an excellent seamstress.

Gabrielle Archambault.jpg

Micah Braverly/ Role of Bartender

Micah Bravery, a multifaceted artist, podcaster, and author, is renowned for his exploration of human emotions through his highly acclaimed podcasts "These Fukken Feelings" and "Trauma Is Expensive." As a proud member of the LGBTQIA community, Micah infuses his work with unique perspectives that promote inclusivity and representation.

With over 3 million downloads, "These Fukken Feelings" not only consistently ranks in the top ten of the mental health category but also currently holds the #5 position on the mental health charts. This podcast is celebrated for its engaging mix of storytelling and emotional insights and was honored with the 2023 People's Choice Podcast Award in the Health category.

Micah's solo project, "Trauma Is Expensive," which is ranked #6, tackles the impacts of unresolved trauma. It offers healing through insightful discussions, personal stories, and resources, building a supportive community for those facing trauma.

In his memoir "Love Beyond The Battle," Micah offers a raw and honest account of his own struggles, including his battle with cancer. This powerful memoir details his journey through illness and the transformative power of love that played a pivotal role in his healing process.

Through his impactful work in podcasting and writing, Micah Bravery stands out as a leading voice in mental health and wellness, resonating deeply with a diverse and dedicated audience. His commitment to discussing mental health issues openly has not only inspired many but also provided invaluable support to those looking to enhance their well-being.

micah braverly.jpg

Jonathan Villanueva/ Role of Scott

A charming and versatile Latino American actor and producer, Jonathan Villanueva was born in Perth Amboy, NJ. While studying at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, he moved to New York where he still resides. Some time after college, Jonathan signed with VGP Artist Management. He recently worked on a role on the tv show The Other two on MAX, where he played alongside Ken Marino and Helène Yorke. He is also happy to announce the renewal of the commercial L’Oreal No Mix No Mess, which he stars in. Some past credits include: Almost Family on FOX as Bobby, Pride: The Series on Amazon Prime as Luis, and Produced and Starred in Love Song which is in the film festival circuit.

jonathan villanueva-205-2.JPG

Vanessa Albury/ Role of Iris

Vanessa Albury is an eco-artist, activist and spiritual coach based in New York City and traveling the world to create healing for people and the planet. She is a 2022 NYFA/ NYSCA Deustche Bank Fellow. Her MFA in Studio Art is from NYU. She is the Founding Artist of Coral Projects, creating the world’s first eco-friendly underwater art exhibition to heal the human-oceans relationship and repopulate filter species.

Albury exhibits her sculptural photography, video, ceramics and installation artwork in solo and group shows internationally. Ken Johnson of the NY Times calls her work “haunting.” Her work is reviewed in The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Hyperallergic, Frieze Magazine, Nylon and Candid Magazine. Recent solos shows include Rewilding a Painted Ocean funded by the Foundation for Contemporary Art, Shadowgraphs (Benrubi Gallery) and Arctic, Future Relics (NurtureArt.) Her solo All Things That Are, Are Light and Soot (Quappi Projects, Louisville) is covered in-depth by Insider Louisville and Ruckus Louisville. Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab was a Special Project feature of UNTITLED Art Fair 2019 in Miami presenting a video of site-specific, eco-friendly art installation in the Everglades with th blessing of Miccosukee Reverend Houston Cypress. Her biodegrable, eco-friendy mural Porthole Waves (Svalbard) from Stream to Sea is on view now on Manhattan’s LES. Albury’s work has been featured in outlets around the world such as Nylon Magazine, The Guardian, La Repubblica, the Art Newspaper, Hyperallergic, the NY Times to name a few.

She teaches workshops and courses to people of all ages from 2 to 82 with over 20 years of experience in education, art and healing. Vanessa channels powerful healing messages from unconditional love in the Akashic Records for the highest best of her clients. She also works with clients one-on-one on energy management, grounding and protection practices, and clearings of low vibrational energies.

Albury says, "My purpose in this lifetime is for healing for people and the planet through art and the oceans. I was told when I first took a class on the Akashic Records that I’ve been in the records my entire life, I just didn’t always know that and didn’t always welcome it. I now embrace my gifts and guide others in navigating their gifts and healing too, as we all learn how to be better stewards of our only home, planet Earth."


Edward Terry/ Role of Dima

Edward Terry is a prospective collaborator

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Collaborators: My Work
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